We are just now digging our way up from the underground. It has been a long time. It is great to be back. Things are being sawed, glued, wired up, and hammered on to get the transmitters back working again. We’re under the floorboards poking our heads on rusty nails. We’re in the attic joists… also poking our heads on rusty nails. Things are happening and will be happening even faster as long as our tetanus boosters hold up!

1991 in the Memphis Pyramid.

OMSA (Our Maximum Strength Amplification) had squatted the Memphis Pyramid just after New Year’s Day. That place was shitty, empty, and wrecked anyway. So why not? On day one, that place smelled like rank fry grease and stale beer. It was perfect, and so we went for it. KDZU was born from a stack of cassette tapes and a lot of enthusiasm. The first transmitter was soldered up with 20-watt Radio Shack soldering iron we pulled from a rusted-shut toolbox scavenged from the parking lot of the AMVETS thrift store on EP Boulevard. Squatting 30 stories off the ground felt like… heaven. The pyramid and the community needed a radio station that didn’t suck. We had the elevation. So we went for it.

And then… Memphis PD (and the FBI?) showed up, and everyone scattered. We knew our time in The Pyramid wouldn’t last, but we really tried to make it last as long as we could.